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Submitted papers

Gribov A. and Krivoruchko K. Empirical Bayesian kriging implementation and usage. Krivoruchko K. and Gribov A. Distance metrics for data interpolation over large areas on Earth's surface

Statistical papers for multi-disciplinary audiences

Krivoruchko K. and Fraczek W. (2016) Interpolation of Data Collected along Lines. Krivoruchko K. and Wood N. (2014) Using multivariate interpolation for estimating well performance. ArcUser Summer 2014, pp.8-11. for-estimating-well-performance Krivoruchko K. and Butler K. (2013) Unequal Probability-Based Spatial Sampling. ArcUser Spring 2013, pp.10-17. Krivoruchko K. (2012) Empirical Bayesian Kriging. ArcUser Fall 2012, pp. 6-10. Krivoruchko K. (2012) Modeling Contamination Using Empirical Bayesian Kriging. ArcUser Fall 2012, .
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